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Matyas Branyiczky - Portfolio


I'm making 3D Models as a hobby since July 2017, most of my models are made for the 2004 Gta San Andreas. Since November 2021 It became my job trough self-employment.

I make my models with 3ds Max and Zmodeler 3/2, some time ago I also used Sketchup. I usualy use Photoshop to make custom textures.

I capture videos with OBS and edit them in Sony Vegas 



2022 – 2020 McLaren GT

First appeared in Forza Horizon 5. Sadly Playground games did not give too many modification options so with the convertion I made some.

modern ház

2021 - Modern House

With maximum detail and simple usability in mind (one object for easy installation). This model used up all the available space both phisically and file size wise.


2021 - Modern Eco Mall

I had to fill up a huge space while only making 15 shops as per the request. The main theme is to be sustainable and bring some nature into the concrete filled city.


2020 – Nissan GT- R50 By Italdesign

I only discovered Italdesign while working on this car. They made this masterpiece for Nissan to celebrate the GTR serieses 50th Anniversary. Earlier works of Italdesign include concept plans for the original VW Golf 1, Seat Ibiza and Lancia Delta

The car I converted has unique color options, working lights, and active rear wing and 2 tuning packs (variants)


2020 – Industrial Bar

Inside a corner of a 2004 high rise building is just an interior. Despite it's small size it has incredible levels of detail and many custom made textures exclusively for this project.


2020 - Ganton Apartments

New model, but not in a new design. I changed the old falts to some new ones which still fit this part of town. Used many props and custom textures to set the atmosphere


2020 - Modern Boat

Made entirly from scratch. A small 2 seater boat with a clean design.


2019 - Mol Eco Gas Station

Mol's Istenhegyi way Gas Station is really impressive. 100% hand made after reference pictures found on the internet. For this project I made lots of custom textures to be as close to the real thing as possible.


2019 - Gas Station

The place is same with the Mol Eco Gas Sation because throughout the years the place of the "South Gas Station" turned quite iconic. With fully customized landscape and a modern style.

dm plaza

2018 - Mall

A stronger design with great sizes. There is a lift traveling between levels which was made exclusively for this projects


2018 - Modern Mansion

The first bigger downloadable model. Fully furnished and thanks to it's shape it can be placed anywhere. As of 2022 the model has upwards of 15.000 downloads.